6 Tips for Effective Business Travel

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Usually when we think of business efficiency our mind focuses on tips and tricks for the office.  But, what about those times when you’re away from your home base? Tweaking your approach to business travel can cut costs, ensure positive health, and build better connections.

Drink With Caution

Drinking water and avoiding/ limiting alcohol can help ensure you are at your most effective when traveling for business. From 6 Tips for Effective Business Travel by ElevatedNY

It’s easy to opt for the bar items when flying to calm nerves and take the edge off from a long travel day. Remember to hydrate (especially for longer trips) and moderate your drinking. It’s easy to lose track of caloric and sugar intake in high-stress situations which can lead to dehydration, swelling and fatigue. Drinking excessively will also lower your immune system making you more susceptible to illness which may be linked to air travel. A little sparkling water and lemon can keep you on your feet and is a great alternative to help combat those cravings.

What’s That Smell?

If travel fatigue is setting in consider using essential oils to help feel more like yourself. 6 Tips for Effective Business Travel by ElevatedNY Coworking Space

Another pro-tip is to travel with essential oils to combat the stale circulated air of any plane. Essential oils in the home are trending, so why not take your own slice of heaven along for the ride? Airplane passengers have an 80% chance of getting sick on a plane. Oils such as black-pepper, peppermint, eucalyptus, and sage contain antibacterial properties and can aid in combating anxiety, upset stomach, and headaches. A few drops in a handkerchief or napkin will get you all the way to your destination.

Time Is Money

6 Tips for Effective Business Travel - Number 3: Keep extra chargers, and necessary items like IDs and money at the ready - ElevatedNY Office Space for Rent in NYC

Efficiency is important for any frequent flier. Keeping your essentials ready for a moment’s notice is one way to gain minutes back when you’re racing for your next meeting. A second charger, travel ID, and a little cash set aside just for travel will save you a ton of headache when you aren’t moving them from one bag to another. Pixie Technology (a company that specializes in technology and missing belongings) says the average American spends 2.5 days each year looking for lost items – make sure you aren’t paying for your lost hours!

Speaking of necessity, consider the cost and stress saved by refilling your toiletries rather than purchasing new products each trip. Breeze through airport security by swapping out liquids for solid alternatives such as wipes,  solid shampoo and conditioner bars or sunscreen and lotion sticks. And finally, toothpaste powder is the newest way to keep it fresh without triggering an alert at the x-ray machine.

The Express Lane

Save time by skipping the line at airport security - 6 Tips for Effective Business Travel - From Elevated NY, Premium Office Space in Midtown Manhattan

Seasoned fliers know that the secret to successful travel is not getting held up at TSA security. Investing in TSA pre-check options such as Clear and Global Entry will save you time and spare you the rigor of near-undressing and fumbling for electronics. Yes, there is an interview and annual fee for either option, but you’ll save an average of 40 minutes each way on your travel.

Offline, But Not Forgotten

Split your workload into tasks that can be done offline before you travel - 6 Tips for Effective Business Travel - From Elevated NY, office spaces for rent in midtown NYC

Finally, get the most out of your business travel time by splitting-up your work by what can be done without Wi-Fi needed before you fly. Preparation is key, download the files you need so you can work offline and avoid relying on expensive and spotty Wi-Fi on the plane. Once you’ve landed, you can square away your other work from the comfort of your hotel room or office away from home.

Americans make more than 405 million long-distance business trips per year, according to the Bureau of Transportation statistics. Take these six tips with you wherever you go and you’ll be a cut above the average traveler from now on!

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