Reach New Heights with ElevatedNY

ReadySet! Offices Has Become ElevatedNY

In November 2018, we updated you about renovations to our ReadySet! Offices at the Hippodrome. The refresh included sleek design touches and additional amenities.


Now the company reaches another level with a new name and identity.


Introducing ElevatedNY—premium offices at the Hippodrome.


It’s the same level of service you’ve come to expect for years with ReadySet! Offices, just under a new name. ElevatedNY takes today’s business to new heights by setting the new standard in luxury offices. With more amenities than ever before along with convenient access set in the heart of Midtown, it’s truly the premium office experience you’ve been waiting for.


Professionals here will enjoy having a space that is comfortable day to day,  but still sets a professional tone for meeting with clients, while always maintaining an underlying base for creativity, collaboration, and excellence.


“We want to promote an environment where clients will stay long-term and believe the best way to achieve that is by making it an elevated professional experience,” says Georgia Gournas, General Manager of ElevatedNY. “After such a successful renovation, we were due for an upgrade to our name and what we stand for as well. We think ElevatedNY says it all.”


Smaller nods to the new company are also included in names for the conference room spaces. Georgia revealed that they are all named for some of the tallest and most prominent mountains—from Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, the tallest volcano in the world when measured from its base which is far below sea level and Denali in Alaska, the tallest mountain peak in North America, to Mount Rainier in Washington and of course Everest, in the Himalayas, which is earth’s tallest point above sea level.


The services at ElevatedNY continue to expand and rise above the competition. In addition to their array of private workspaces and suites, virtual offices are also available to the remote worker seeking to utilize a live receptionist for incoming calls, conference rooms bookings, and mail and package acceptance.


As we retire the ReadySet! Offices name, we carry on the standards of excellence, enthusiasm to meet our clients’ needs, time-tested values and services that have been with us since the original concept launched at this location in 1990.


“We never take changing one of our business’ names lightly,” says Jason Morros, Vice President of Integrate Marketing for Edison Properties, the parent company of ReadySet! Offices (and now ElevatedNY). “Coming out of the renovation process for all three of our floors in the building we saw how modern, professional, and uplifting the new space was as a result of our investment. We heard from our clients who work in this space each day how truly significant the experience was with all of the amenities and refreshed public spaces. So, we felt that now was a perfect time to introduce the ElevatedNY concept since it truly represented the mission of this business.”


All this and more await you at the new ElevatedNY.


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